New Method for Handling Phyto

New Method for Handling Phyto
Created on: 04/26/2018

EWR has developed a new method for merchants to request a Phyto Inspection from a warehouse.  This new procedure will streamline the Phyto Inspection Request by utilizing a standardized data flow through the EWR Receipt Provider System where the information will be processed, minimizing the work required by the merchants and warehouses.

In order to make a request, a merchant sends a file to EWR which contains the warehouses, marks, and bales for which a Phyto Inspection is being sought.  EWR then processes the information and sends mark and bale data to the appropriate warehouses that have opted-in to the program.  A copy of the entire data file is sent directly to the freight forwarder.  Each opted-in warehouse then returns to EWR a Phyto Inspection File.  EWR uses this file to generate an Application Inspection PDF which is sent to the freight forwarder, completing the request. 

There is a small transactional fee to the merchant for each request, and to the warehouse for each Application Inspection PDF created.  The new system is live and available for use now.  If you have any questions about the new Phyto Inspection Request system, please contact our customer support at (800) 571-4434.

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