Error Codes and Descriptions

2The transmission file is corrupt
3A record of the transmission file has zero length
41st rec of the transmission file is not rec type D
5Transmission file has an invalid record type
6Transmissiion XML convert error
7transmission file is too short
8Holder ID changed in multi-record transaction
9User ID changed in a multi-record transaction
10User password changed in multi-record transaction
11Action code changed in a multi-record transaction
12Action code must be ISU or MNT
13The Holder ID does not match the sender
14The User ID or password is not valid
15The User ID or password is not valid
16The Action code is invalid
17A field is required but missing
18Invalid data
19Non-digit found in a numeric field
20Numeric field has trailing spaces
21Value too short
22Value invalid
23Year is not 2000 to 2099
24Invalid date
25Invalid state
26A required field is missing for graded commodity
27Test weight is required
28Invalid County/State credentials
29Moisture Percent is required
30Tot Damag Krs <= 2.49 if Segregation/Class is 1
31RMD Percent <= 1.00 if Segregation/Class is 1
32Total SMK Percent must = SMK RS % + Sound Split %
33Segregation/Grade must be 3 if Flavus Found is Y
34Invalid Total Hull Kernel Percent
35Tot Hull Kernel not btwn 98.50 and 101.49 inclusiv
36Receipt does not exist
37Receipt already exists (warehouseID)
38Lien/Comment records are not contiguous
39Holder not permitted to issue receipts
40Attempt to make loanable and give to disp holder
41Disposition holder not valid and enabled
42Disposition holder cannot be the issuer
43Disposition holder cannot be a 'C' holder
44Lien record Warehouse Code mismatch
45Lien record License Type mismatch
46Lien record Receipt Number mismatch
47Lien record Sequence Number is not numeric
48Lien record Sequence Number is not ascending
49Comment record Warehouse Code mismatch
50Comment record License Type mismatch
51Comment record Receipt Number mismatch
52Comment record Sequence Number is not numeric
53Comment record Sequence Number is not ascending
54License Type is not a state or US or NL
55Action by this hldr not permitted for whse
56Requesting hldr must be the curr hldr of receipt
57Receipt status must be Open
58Receipt status must be Cancelled
59Receipt status must be Paper
60Receipt type must be Electronic
61Receipt type must be Paper
62Receipt is already loanable
63Holder not permitted to change holder
64License type is not maintainable
65Required fields cannot be deleted
66Action code must be a county office
67Action code IPS must be CCC (C000001)
68Receipt must be loanable
69Curr Hldr ID of receipt cannot be CCC (C000001)
70Curr Hldr ID of receipt must be CCC (C000001)
71CCC Loan Status must be Pending or Rejected
72CCC Loan Status must be Approved
73A Loanable receipt must be graded
74Receipt is not in allowable range
75Disp holder is not allowed with a paper receipt
76Loanable is not allowed with a paper receipt
77US license type requires a license number
78User not valid for holder
79Warehouse does not exist or invalid
80Warehouse profile not on file
81Disposition Holder must be Sub Holder
82License Number required on Federal profile
83Warehouse has been suspended
84Receipt already exists for License Number
85License Number is not maintainable
86Receipt Number is not maintainable
87Commodity is not maintainable
88License Number does not match profile
89User ID does not match holder ID
90Holder is inactive
91User is inactive
92Warehouse is inactive
93Permission Denied (Role)
94User is locked out
95Action Code is missing
96Date is out of range
97Numeric field is out of range
98Receipt is non-negotiable
99Transaction State and County code receipt mismatch
100No approved profile on file
101A Loanable receipt must have In fees prepaid
301Commodity is not eligble for loan
501Web service has missing or invalid user ID
502Web service has missing or invalid password
503Web service has missing or invalid warehouse code
504Web service has missing or invalid receipt number
505Web Service call not allowed for this holder
506Web Service call has invalid new holder
507Web Service call has invalid FSA state code
508Web Service call has invalid FSA county code
596Web service method is not ready
597Web service code exception. (Contact EWR)
598Web service has malformed xm (out). Contact EWR.
599Web service has malformed xml (in). Contact EWR.
901Unknown Transaction Error (Contact EWR)
9000Unable to Process (Contact EWR)