CMA Processing System

For Cotton CMAs, our CMA Processing System is an efficient, full-automated solution with a high level of customization and user control ability. The foundation of the system is receiving electronic warehouse receipts with contract numbers on them. Bales can be placed in CCC loan the same day they arrive. All interactions with government systems are handled automatically, as are all goverment requirements. The system produces reports and updates a website where members and gins can see the status and details of their deliveries.

This system is a highly customizable "software as a service" solution. We provide the CMA Interface Utility desktop application to monitor and control the system.

Feature highlights:

  • Multiple pools, each with its own advance, deduction, and progress payment rules.
  • Daily processing can be automated to run at a certain time of day, or can be initiated manually.
  • Multiple reports for CMA staff.
  • Multiple reports for gins.
  • Collecting Handler reports.
  • Accounting interface.
  • Direct Deposit ability.
  • Redemptions via CCR/COPS, Loan Redemption Order transactions via the EWR Provider System, or manual entry.

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