Mobile Bale Scan

Mobile Bale Scan makes scanner related activities for cotton warehouses a snap! Mobile Bale scan gives you the ability to enter bale locations in the warehouse, create and verify a picking list, and verify all bales on an order are correct before they leave the warehouse. All you need is an inexpensive Bluetooth-enabled handheld laser barcode scanner and a smartphone or tablet. No phone service is required if you have WiFi service inside the warehouse. It even works with non-phone devices such as Apple and Andriod tablets. Generally the mobile device will be mounted to, and powered by, a forklift. All data is transferred to and from the device wirelessly, so there's no need to dock the device or scanner into a cradle in the office, or create outbound files.


Mobile Bale Scan was initially developed with the Symbol LS3578-ER handhand scanner. However any scanner that supports “HID” Bluetooth profile should work with this app. The wireless printing abilities of Mobile Bale Scan were developed and tested using a Zebra P4T Bluetooth mobile label printer, and work on Andriod devices only (due to Apple limitations). Any Zebra Bluetooth printer should work, but please check with us before purchasing one. Your warehouse must be subscribed to in order for you to send or receive any data using this app. The warehouse must also be separately licensed for each Mobile Bale Scan Feature.

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