MyModules allows the producer’s module information to be sent to the gin. The app has an option to use GPS locations with interactive maps so the module truck knows where the module is in the producer’s field. Module status can be reviewed directly on the phone. The producer can also view the status of the modules at the gin and summary status of the bales.

It is available for Android and Apple phones.

Some of the features of the app are:

  • View the status of all of your modules
  • Can be used by custom pickers as well
  • Can be installed on multiple phones for a single producer. This allows large farming operations to use the app on the phones of multiple field supervisors
  • Manage multiple producer accounts on one phone
  • Use the camera on your smartphone to scan module-tag barcodes
  • And much more!

* Your gin must be subscribed to CottonHost (an eCotton service) in order for you to send or receive any module data

Annual License Fee:

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